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Welcome! Good times with good wines! Our mission at KRONIVINO is to help you explore the fascinating world of wine and have a lot of fun doing it!  Gather your group for a custom tasting event and together we'll have a blast discovering new styles, different grapes, and how to pair wine and food to bring out the best in both! 

So, take a stroll around the website; visit "Sip Clips" to watch short videos to learn about all types of different wines (complete with food pairing suggestions); checkout "Sip Trips" for recommendations of places to visit in your wine travels; "Wine 101" will give you a quick glossary of terms to get you started.  And visit "Services" for information on ways we can create a fun-filled, first-class wine tasting event for you - and no wine snobbery, ever!                  Good times with good wines! Thank you for visiting our site! Cheers!


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