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Tasting and learning about wine is a wonderful way to entertain and have fun with friends, family, co-workers and clients. We can treat you to a fun-filled, first-class experience, customized for your group and occasion! Just visit the contact page to connect with us and we will be right back in touch!


You choose the location, and we will create a tasting experience for you! Special birthday, client or work team event, anniversary or bachelor/ bachelorette party? We will pick a perfect theme and wines, and treat you and your crew to a relaxed, enjoyable evening of tasting and learning about new ways to enjoy wine!



Can't get everyone together in the same spot - no worries! We will create a virtual experience to host on Zoom for you and your group! We will send everyone in your group advance information on the types of wine to pick up (or connect you with a preferred wine vendor if you will be shipping wine to your participants). Just like an in-person event, we will create a totally customized experience for you!


Pricing for all services in based on time, location and # of guests. 


Note: We don't sell wine for events,  but we will make it easy for you to select wines from your favorite wine shop or we will work with one of our preferred vendors to get the wine to your event. And of course, all events are limited to participants 21 years of age or older.

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